Facility Use Form


PROCEDURES FOR FACILITY USE REQUESTS: (Click on Facilty Use Form.pdf below)

  1. Requests for the use of facilities are to be made by completing the facility request form and submitting it to the building principal. The principal will tentatively approve or disapprove the request in writing. If disapproved, the building principal will so notify the applicant in writing, forwarding a copy to the Director of Community Education.
  2. If tentatively approved, the building principal will forward all copies of the building form to the Director of Community Education. Upon receipt of all forms, the Director of Community Education shall assess fees where applicable and forward the designated copies to the appropriate parties, i.e.  White-Custodian; Yellow-Building Principal; Pink-Community Education and Gold-Requestor.  The requestor shall use his/her copy as the building permit and should present it to the building coordinator or night leader prior to being admitted to the building.
  3. The building coordinator/night supervisor will inspect the area used after the group has departed.  If the inspection reveals misuse of the area or other problems, including the general conduct of the group, a report will be forwarded to the building principal describing the situation, who in turn should contact the user.  If there is damage that warrants a repair cost being levied against the user, the building coordinator/night supervisor should include this in the report.
  4. When fees are charged, the Community Education Department will send an estimated bill to the requester.  The estimated amount must be paid no later than ten days prior to usage.  Upon receipt of the estimated payment, the requestor will receive their gold copy that becomes the applicants permit and should be presented to the building coordinator or night supervisor prior to being permitted into the building.  All charges will be payable to the West Bloomfield School District, including charges for custodians.  All payments are to be sent to the Community Education Department ACS Office.
  5. Subsequent to the approved use, the Community Education Department will send a detailed statement to the representative of the using organization for any additional charges not anticipated prior to the using date. This will include time extensions, damage, additional cleaning, etc., as reported by the building coordinator/night supervisor.  Such charges will be payable within thirty (30) days from the date of the notice.
  6. Auditorium requestors must contact the auditorium manager to confirm usage date(s).  Requestor then contacts Community Education Department-ACS for rental rates.  A $100 non-refundable, but applicable deposit check must accompany the facility use request form to confirm use date(s)date of request.