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Tragedy in Connecticut


Talking with Kids About News

We've put together a list of helpful resources and websites for helping our children and students with the tragic events in Connecticut.  Click the title for each of the sections below to find valuable and helpful information.

8th Grade Parent Night 2014!


Rigorous and Engaging Instructional Practices Observed During Walkthroughs


Walkthroughs with the Superintendent, Board of Education members, and other central office administrators have been embraced as a part of West Bloomfield’s AdvancEd District Accreditation best practices. More importantly, the Walkthroughs provide opportunities to see the consistencies regarding teaching and learning throughout our district. Staff members are strategically leveraging AVID, Cultures of Thinking, and Math Talk strategies  while seamlessly integrating technology throughout lessons. Also, it is very evident that buildings have an intentional focus on academic vocabulary to increase student achievement. Personalizing learning for each student is a top priority in our highly engaging and rigorous classroom environments.

AVID Continues to Flourish and Grow


AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination, is a national program with 28 years of success in accelerating student learning throughout the nation.  This year, AVID schools across the nation send more students to college and have more students enrolled in 8thgrade algebra than the national average.   The goal of AVID is to prepare students for the demands of college.  The program focuses on increasing the number of students who take more rigorous coursework, such as honors and advanced classes. 

Once in the AVID class, students are taught skills, such as note-taking and organization that often are not explicitly taught in the regular curriculum, but are needed for college readiness and success.  Once per week, AVID elective classes have motivational days where they celebrate an academic success, listen to guest speakers discuss college preparation, or go on college campus tours. The other cornerstone strategies of AVID are called WICRWriting, Inquiry, Collaboration, and Reading.  The AVID teachers also use these strategies in teaching their other courses.

There are three elementary AVID sites this year: Doherty, Sheiko, and Roosevelt. New to the Elementary Program this year is the Certification Process which includes completing an Initial Self Study in the fall and a Certification Self Study in the spring. This is the same process that the middle schools and high school have been following for the last 8 years. West Bloomfield School District’s secondary AVID programs continue to prosper. Both middle schools now offer multiple grade level sections of the AVID elective class. West Bloomfield High School currently has one section per grade level and is looking to offer multiple sections in the future. All six of these buildings sent teachers to Summer Institute Training, for ongoing professional development.

Abbott Middle School and Orchard Lake Middle School are working extremely hard to become Michigan’s very first AVID National Demonstration Schools. AVID National Demonstration Schools are exemplary models of the program and demonstrate the very best AVID methodologies and strategies. Districts interested in improving their own AVID program arrange to visit these sites which become a showplace for the synergy and excitement that a strong AVID program creates.

West Bloomfield HS Pilots Hybrid Classes Second Semester


The West Bloomfield High School Administrative Team has collaborated with staff members to develop “Hybrid Classes” to pilot for the second semester of this school year, involving five core courses. The term “Hybrid Class,” which is also used interchangeably with the term “blended learning," refers to a model of course design that combines traditional, face-to-face class time with online course work. Students learn, at least in part, through online delivery of content and instruction with some element of student control over time, place, path, or pace. Hybrid Classes reflect diverse learning options for students, which is particularly critical at the secondary level. The benefits of hybrid learning include creativity, a personalized process, and increased ownership in learning, both independent and cooperative. The student also enhances skills such as research, persistence, self-advocacy, and self-assessment.

The teachers participating in this pilot are Mervet Ismail, Katherine Law, Joe Brandell, Alycia Chase, and Robin Nadler. The initial courses for this instructional delivery model will include AP Chemistry, AP World History, AP BC Calculus, AP Government and World Literature. This pilot is another example of collaborative teaching and learning in the West Bloomfield School District.

District Overview


Mission Statement
The West Bloomfield School District educates students to be their best in and for the world.

Vision Statement
We will develop socially responsible citizens empowered to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing global society, and who are characterized by curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate.