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Dewey Decimal Skills: This is the system we use in our library to place the books on our shelves. It is helpful for students to learn how this system works.

altOrder in the Library - test your alphabetical & numerical skills with this Dewey game (4th grade)

altAuthors - ABC Order - game to put authors in ABC order

altSort the Call Numbers - game to put call numbers of fiction books in ABC order

altDewey Browse - browse a variety of websites by their Dewey Decimal category

altDewey Decimal Check - 4 games to help you review the Dewey Decimal System  (5th grade)

altDewey Decimal Fun - games to help you learn the Dewey Decimal System  (5th grade)

altDewey Decimal Webquest - webquest designed for 5th graders

altDo the Dewey - learn about the system, meet the man responsible, and test your knowledge

altDo We Really Know Dewey? - meet Melvil, learn about the system, play games, & quizzes

altHelp, I'm Locked in the Library - webquest to learn about the Dewey Decimal System

altAll About Melvil - learn about the man who created our library categories

altDewey Hangman - play hangman with Dewey categories

Dewey decimal Overview for Kids

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